Write a jingle contest 2012 olympics

I have a theory why the Olympics are so exciting despite all the Zika gloom and doom leading up to them. This year, all eyes are fixed on the veteran Olympian hoping to clinch his last medal, the refugee who went from swimming for her life to swimming for gold, the gymnast finally getting her shot on the world stage.

Write a jingle contest 2012 olympics

Weekly routines[ edit ] Pros and Cons[ edit ] Every Tuesday on the show, Jimmy weighs the pros and cons of a topic that's currently in the news, with the pros being the setups and the cons being the punchlines. With Tiger competing, this year's Masters promises to be the most exciting golf tournament ever.

That being said, it's still write a jingle contest 2012 olympics.

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Special editions of the sketch include: Tonight Show Hashtags[ edit ] Every Thursday formerly Wednesday on the show, Jimmy reads off viewer comments from a topic for discussion he started the night before on Twitter. Topics have included "My parents are weird", "Why don't they make that?

Thank-you Notes[ edit ] Nearly every Friday on the show, Jimmy writes thank-you notes.

write a jingle contest 2012 olympics

He claims that Friday is the day he catches up on "personal stuff" like checking his inbox, returning e-mails, and writing his weekly thank-you notes.

He explains that he is running behind and asks the audience if they wouldn't mind if he took time out of the show to write them, and asks James Poyser to play some accompanying music a sped-up version of U2's " October ".

The notes are sarcastic in tone and involve current events, people in the news, or things that annoy Jimmy e. The sketch airs on Thursday during the week of Thanksgivingin deference to the holiday.

write a jingle contest 2012 olympics

The sketch aired on Thursday, March 28,because the show was off for Good Friday that year. Jimmy also wrote out a special Winter Olympics -themed set of thank you notes during NBC 's prime-time Olympic coverage on February 26, a Friday ; anchor Bob Costas "played" the usual thank you note-writing music by pretending to play along on a keyboard while a pre-recorded track of the music played in the background.

Costas and Jimmy reprised the bit with a Summer Olympics -themed set on August 10, also a Friday. Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined Jimmy behind the desk to write out some thank-you notes of his own on Friday, December 13, Regis Philbin joined Jimmy with a little help to write out some thank-you notes of his own on Friday, June 19, It was announced on January 31, that Fallon had signed a book deal to publish entries from the series as two books, the first of which, Thank You Notes, was released May 23, The Week in Review[ edit ] Also on Fridays, Jimmy shows a mashup of news anchors reading the week's biggest headlines, set to music.

Similar to a high school yearbook, Jimmy shows pictures of NFL players and says what "Most likely to…" awards they received, to promote the players on the teams of that week's episode of NBC Sunday Night Footballwhich are simply based on what they look like.

For the final version of the skit on Late Night, NFL players listed the awards for the show's writers.

They then doused Jimmy with Gatorade. Jimmy then gave away Super Bowl tickets to a lucky audience member.


Screengrabs[ edit ] Sort of an updated version of Jay Leno 's " Headlines ", Fallon shows viewer-submitted screen shots from various media phones, Internet, television, etc. The final selection is always a picture of a man who the viewer claims looks like Jimmy, who will then put on a costume to match.

Trump News Network[ edit ] Citing Donald Trump 's distrust of mainstream news, Jimmy appears as the President on "Trump News Network" in which he unsuccessfully spins negative stories about him to portray him in a more positive light, instead having the reverse effect.

TV parodies[ edit ] 7th Floor West[ edit ] In the first two seasons was a parody of the MTV series The Hillsdocumenting Jimmy's arrival to Late Night and his initial struggles in the beginning of the show, such as whether to wear a red tie or a blue tie on his premiere episode.

MilesLate Night's head writer. New installments premiered every Monday during the summer ofand have a storyline focused on continuity, much as The Hills does. Season two finds Miles, having moved to the costume department in the season one finale, unhappy with his new role and wishing he was back among the writing staff.

As revenge, he dresses Jimmy in ridiculous clothes in order to make Jimmy look like an idiot. During the season, Jimmy and Miles both run for the position of fire warden of the floor.

In the series finale, Jimmy and Miles decide to end their silly feud and be friends again, Jimmy gives Miles his job in the writing department back, and they appointed fire-safety enthusiast Questlove to be fire warden.Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion.

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This will be a great help for me in terms of creating my story project. This is a GREAT COMPILATION OF JAM-PACKED ACTION WORDS.

Thanks a bunch for this post.

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