Twixtor slow motion problem algebra

Time So rate is defined as distance divided by time, which is a ratio.

Twixtor slow motion problem algebra


Then solve for v as a function of t. It's written like a polynomial — a constant term v0 followed by a first order term at.

Since the highest order is 1, it's more correct to call it a linear function. It is often thought of as the "first velocity" but this is a rather naive way to describe it. A better definition would be to say that an initial velocity is the velocity that a moving object has when it first becomes important in a problem.

Say a meteor was spotted deep in space and the problem was to determine its trajectory, then the initial velocity would likely be the velocity it had when it was first observed. But if the problem was about this same meteor burning up on reentry, then the initial velocity likely be the velocity it had when it entered Earth's atmosphere.

The answer to "What's the initial velocity? This turns out to be the answer to a lot of questions. The symbol v is the velocity some time t after the initial velocity. Take the case of the meteor.

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What velocity is represented by the symbol v? If you've been paying attention, then you should have anticipated the answer. It could be the velocity the meteor has as it passes by the moon, as it enters the Earth's atmosphere, or as it strikes the Earth's surface.

It could also be the meteorite's velocity as it sits in the bottom of a crater. Are any of these the final velocity?

Someone could extract the meteorite from its hole in the ground and drive away with it. Probably not, but it depends. There's no rule for this kind of thing. You have to parse the text of a problem for physical quantities and then assign meaning to mathematical symbols.

The last part of this equation at is the change in the velocity from the initial value. Recall that a is the rate of change of velocity and that t is the time after some initial event. Rate times time is change. Move longer as in longer time.

twixtor slow motion problem algebra

Acceleration compounds this simple situation since velocity is now also directly proportional to time. Try saying this in words and it sounds ridiculous.

Would that it were so simple. This example only works when initial velocity is zero. Displacement is proportional to the square of time when acceleration is constant and initial velocity is zero. A true general statement would have to take into account any initial velocity and how the velocity was changing.

This results in a terribly messy proportionality statement. Displacement is directly proportional to time and proportional to the square of time when acceleration is constant. A function that is both linear and square is said to be quadratic, which allows us to compact the previous statement considerably.

Displacement is a quadratic function of time when acceleration is constant Proportionality statements are useful, but not as concise as equations.

twixtor slow motion problem algebra

We still don't know what the constants of proportionality are for this problem. One way to figure them out is to use algebra. Start with the definition of velocity.Algebra Motion Problems: how to solve word problems involving distance, rate and time, Two objects going in opposite directions, Both objects going in the same direction, but one goes further, One object going and returning at different rates, examples with step by step solutions.

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Jun 25,  · Nvidia is back at it again with another awesome demo of applied machine learning: artificially transforming standard video into slow motion – . Relativity in motion assures us that the laws of Physics don't vary depending on how much inertia an object has.

This is important because everything has some amount of inertia. Standing on the surface of the earth, we feel that we are not in motion, but because the earth is moving, so are we. Aug 21,  · Homework Help: Motion at constant acceleration problem Aug 21, #1.

But I don't have the time it took to slow down and idk, none of the equations I have for motion at constant acceleration really look like they would help me solve the problem. I apologize for this silly question because I just learned about motion at constant.

1 Motion 1 Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration 1 Free Fall 8 2 Vectors and Projectiles 15 Vectors and Scalars 15 Projectile Motion 21 become a problem until you accept the challenge it offers and attempt to solve it.

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