Ticketmaster case analysis

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Ticketmaster case analysis

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For more than a decade, a class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster over those fees worked its way through the courts. The ticket buyers who were party to the suit have recently begun receiving e-mail notices that spell out the agreement. So I go to Ticketmaster, buy my concert tickets but before I get them, I have to pay all these added charges.

The problem, and what the plaintiffs alleged, was that Ticketmaster represented these things as transaction fees that they themselves were paying when in fact it was set up as a profit center for the company.

But like a lot of class action lawsuit settlements, there's a feeling among some people that the people who made out the best are the lawyers.

What are the consumers gonna get? So this is a kind of settlement called a coupon settlement. The coupon settlement is this idea that instead of actually giving back a cash award, the customers are given a discount.

Alex Campos, et al. v. Ticketmaster Corporation | ATR | Department of Justice

What a lot of people feel like, and I agree with them, is that it's just stupid. I mean, why do I have to go back and shop in a place that I just said wronged me?

Ticketmaster case analysis

Why do they get rewarded for wrongdoing with repeat business? The actual savings is just two bucks a ticket, is that right? You cite a study that a vast majority of cases like this produce no benefits to most members in the class action itself.

Ticketmaster case analysis

The members of a consumer suit, like this one or anything that basically says a product or service wronged a large group of people, the problem is that you just never see the money. You get one of these emails that drops into your box, even if it makes it past your spam filter, what are you going to do?

United States, State of Arizona, State of Arkansas, State of California, State of Florida, State of Illinios, State of Iowa, State of Louisiana, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, State of Nebraska, State of Nevada, State of Ohio, State of Oregon, Commonwe. Ticketmaster is North America’s top online venue for ticket sales and distribution and one of the continent’s highest ranked e-commerce websites. In , Ticketmaster merged with Live Nation Entertainment, and together with Live Nation’s website, Ticketmaster hosts more than 26 million unique visitors every month. Case Study: Ticketmaster 2 The company chose the Commonwealth Bank’s solution because it was simple to use and could match the transaction capacity of its website.

The lawyers, I guess, would argue that without class action lawsuits against companies like Ticketmaster, there's no way for these companies to be policed and to actually charge fees that are reasonable and actually reflect their true cost.

Isn't that the real benefit in the litigation? Class action suits are a very good idea, but the problem is that for a class action suit to get to this point, the consumer has already been wronged.

If you bought from Ticketmaster, you were taken for a ride or allegedly. So the problem with not getting any of the money to the class members on the back-end is that they're not actually getting back what they were said to have lost. The best SoCal news in your inbox, daily.Read Case Study Ticketmaster “After evaluating the product we understood that Elastigroup was the nirvana we were looking for in managing our complex EC2 Kubernetes environments ”.

May 10,  · If you've ever bought a ticket via Ticketmaster, you've felt the sting of its surcharges — handling fees, shipping fees, "convenience fees" — which can easily add up to more than half of the.

Stock Analysis Analyst Research Guru Analysis Stock Reports Competitors Fundamentals Financials Revenue/EPS SEC Filings Short Interest Dividend History Holdings Ownership Summary Institutional. 2 Introduction On February 10, , Live Nation, Inc. and Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc.

made known their agreement to enter into a “merger of equals” and create a new entity named Live. Challenges Fans want to get tickets to the events they love. Likewise, Ticketmaster wants to create the best ticketing experience possible, which requires users. The official website of the Federal Trade Commission, protecting America’s consumers for over years.

Ticketmaster Case Study