Supply chain bottled water

WaterBottled waterwater stewardshipSustainability With plastic bottles under fire, the bottled water industry is under intense scrutiny. So what can the future look like for the category? According to the International Bottled Water Association, bottled water has the smallest water and energy use footprint of any packaged beverage: It points out that other beverage industries have higher intensity processes such as flavor mixing, blending, carbonation, fermentation, distilling etc.

Supply chain bottled water

Along with changing its operations to lessen its impact, the company is helping a reforestation project in Fiji. By working with the Carbon Disclosure Project's CDP Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration, Fiji Water calculated the carbon footprint of its products for July June was 85, metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents a figure that includes other greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide.

The company's carbon footprint comes from four main areas: The rest comes from transporting raw materials and equipment, trucking to port, refrigeration, disposal or recycling of waste, and sales and administration. Fiji Water estimates percent of its emissions come from supply chain operations, and it plans to cut down the impact from various stages and encourage suppliers to join the CDP.

Supply chain bottled water

ByFiji Water aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by reducing packaging by 20 percent and have renewable sources provide half the energy of bottling facility and company vehicles. So far it has reduced trucking miles by an average of 26 percent, cut fuel use by its trucks in Fiji in half and will be testing bottles made from recycled materials.

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Along with cutting down on emissions, Fiji Water plans to become carbon neutral by offsetting percent of its emissions starting inalthough the company is using a forward crediting project that won't offset all of the emissions for a few decades.

The company is partnering with Conservation International on a reforestation project in the Yaqara Valley in Fiji.

It will take two to five years to complete planting, and then the group will maintain the land. The offsets realized after 30 years would be enough to make Fiji Water carbon negative in Thomas Mooney, senior vice president of sustainable growth for Fiji Water, said the company plans to expand the reforestation project as well as invest in renewable energy to address its carbon footprint beyond Fiji Water has set up a new website, FijiGreen.In , nearly 11 billion gallons of water were bottled in the United States, and billion gallons of bottled water were consumed globally.

For some, bottled water represents an alternative to a tainted supply; for others, it’s simply a matter of convenience. SMEC South Africa assists Coca Cola in creating ‘greenest bottling plant in Africa’ this, according to natural bottled water legislation.

All the water used for the product and for domestic consumption is sourced from within the catchment area surrounding the facility. Get Supply Chain News and Articles delivered to your email address. ProStack ® Racks.

ProStack bottled water racks are the cost-saving solution for bottled water. Among other things, bottle water stacking is critical for: Through our innovative designs and products we continue to help customers manage their assets throughout the supply chain.

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Find Out More. "The product dictates the supply chain," says Philip Greenfield, vice president of supply chain for Evian North America. Because bottled water is a heavy-weight, low-price-point product, the company continually looks for innovative ways to control transportation and logistics costs.

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Page 2 of 10 Saved 8/19/ Printed 8/19/ An Introduction To Logistics And The Supply Chain In the Beginning In the Beginning The bottled water did not suddenly materialize in your hand.

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