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For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please Parents: Gareth [died at age 8]; Cara daughter, age 8Liam age 5 Grandkids: The children are only between 8 and

Roleplaygateway write a prisoner

His sorrowful, weeping eyes casted down upon her, and seemed to look into her soul. As she tells me, Why do I feel so all alone? White best known as Carrie White, is the titular protagonist of Stephen King's first horror novel Carriepublished in In the story, Carrie is a friend of Sue Snell in the TV film that's a remake of the filma girlfriend of Tommy Rossa girl who was confronted by other girls at school and was allegedly the only daughter of Margaret and Ralph Whiteeven though it hints Ralph may have had other children with different women.

Carrie was also the granddaughter of Judith and John Brigmanthe stepgranddaughter of Harold Allison and the great-granddaughter of Sadie Cochran. Contents Summary of Carrie White "There's something that no one seems to understand.

She wasn't some monster, she was just a girl Later Carrie was constantly picked on and mistreated by her classmates because of her differences.

Since 1st grade Carrie had been the school's scapegoat and outcast. Indeed, Carrie was at the bottom of the social pyramid, but what no one knew, not even her mother, was that Carrie White was no ordinary girl, as she had been blessed or cursed, with hidden telekinetic and telepathic powers that were dormant during her youth, but brought to full force by the time she was in high school after she unexpectedly had her first period in the girl's locker room.

This incident would cause a chain reaction of events to occur that would lead to not only Carrie's demise but also hundreds of others, whether guilty or innocent.

roleplaygateway write a prisoner

Since Carrie had no previous knowledge about the concept of menstruation the student's rejection of Carrie became even fiercer.

Tragically, when a so-called "prank" at her Senior Prom involving pig blood pushed her to her breaking point and beyond her limits, Carrie finally snapped and used the wild talents she possessed to seek her hostile revenge to make her bullies and enemies pay for their cruel actions.

Carrie mercilessly eliminated anyone who had ever hurt, neglected, or underestimated her before returning home after leaving a path of destruction in her wake to ultimately confront and finally kill her crazy, homicidal mother before dying on that very same night that ended up making national history.

In the end, an entire town was destroyed, taking lives with it. In one iteration of her story, Carrie died as a result of injuries.

In the second iteration, Carrie survived the Prom Night massacre and the trauma associated with it. She then made plans to move to Florida and start her life over with the help of Sue Snell who felt sorry for her.

In the third it is not clear and is left to the imagination. But regardless of the iteration, Carrie has been vilified by the surviving residents of Chamberlain, only because she chose to fight back against the constant and collective tormenting and bullying in a way that most people cannot understand or comprehend.

Novel "The story of a girl… with a frightening power" Part 1: Blood Sport "In the steamy locker room, the senior girls of Ewen High moved like ballerinas under the hot water of the school showers, gracefully stretching, flicking water, squirting white bars of soap from hand to hand. Carrie stood among them stolidly; a frog among swans.

She was a slightly chunky girl with pimples on her neck and back and buttocks, no one would call her attractive. Her wet, mousey hair, dirty blonde yet completely without colour. It rested against her face with dispirited sogginess and she simply stood, head slightly bent, letting the water splat against her flesh and roll off.

She looked the part of the sacrificial goat, the constant butt, believer in left-handed monkey wrenches, perpetual foul-up, and she was. What none of them knew, of course, was that Carrietta White was telekinetic. In appearance Carrie is slightly overweight with pimples on her neck, on her back and on her buttocks.

She has blonde hair and very pale skin. In the first section of the story, Carrie had a greasy face with blackheads and wore stockings that were always run, running, or about to run and she was always showing sweat stains under the arms of her blouses.

Search Inmates (advanced) | Write a Prisoner Forbidden Life Chapter 1 A young girl with brilliant red hair, dressed in a somewhat baggy, long-sleeved black sweater, the sleeves pulled slightly over her hands and jeans, walks through the gardens of the Phantomhive Estate.
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Carrie is especially unattractive because of her mother's control over her. In the second section of the story, Carrie attempts to fix herself up on the night of the Prom and makes an effort in enchancing her appearance, she is described as actually looking pretty, for the first time in her entire life.

Carrie lived in the very small and peaceful town of Chamberlain, Maine with her severely mentally unstable mother who had cut her daughter off from all social life due to her religious beliefs.

But they never found any other church in the area that was up to their traditional standards so they held worship at home instead.

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When Ralph passed away, her mother survived off the money from the insurance and by working at the local laundry. Childhood The level of Carrie's "uncoolness" and the height of constant and verbal abuse she endured at the hands of her mother and peers and fellow classmates in the novel was far more extreme compared to the films's versions.

At Christian Summer Camp her comrades played pranks on her such as hiding all her underwear and putting a snake in her shoe, or short sheeting her bunk-bed. Later when Carrie urinated in the bushes on the camp's hiking trip and came into contact with poison ivy after wiping with the wrong leaves, the kids called her "scratch ass".

When she swam in the camp's lake they ducked her head underwater. At first it was funny, until she couldn't get her breath, but the kids kept calling her a "scratch-ass" and Carrie got panicky and began to scream for air.

She had even tried to take part in the other camp's activities, but the jokes never stopped playing on "old praying, fart-face Carrie", until she had come home on the bus a week early; her eyes, red and socketed from weeping.Chronicles RP is a freeform, sandbox roleplaying forum set in an original medium magic fantasy setting.

Unburdened by stats and bound by few regulations, the members are encouraged to world-build and expand on the lore with their own writing. Writing Style: 3rd person, past tense.

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It's what I'm most familiar with. Timezone: EST. Roleplay Background: I've been writing with partners for thirteen years, on my own for longer. I will expect you to 1.) know how to string a proper sentence together, 2.) use the vocabulary that your formal education instilled in you, and 3.) write something with substance, not just fluff for the sake of filling space or .

Write A Prisoner Blog; Search Inmates (advanced) Basic Search; Advanced Search; Adonis is looking to write and develop communication with a female pen pal.

Adonis has not allowed prison to harden him but through it all has become a believer in Jesus Christ and is a practicing Christian who has helped many of his fellow inmates.

roleplaygateway write a prisoner

He has. Dec 30,  · RolePlayGateway is a site built by a couple roleplayers who wanted to give a little something back to the roleplay community. The site has no intention of earning any profit, and is paid for out of their own pockets.

I design these creations to excite and enchant you or the lucky recipients of your gifts. Whether for personal adornment, tabletop, bath or home, all my designs are fabricated under my supervision and are entirely handmade of the finest materials in very small quantities. The Prisoner is already powerful, but it's power is limited right now and he or she needs a certain powerful metal wielder to reawaken him or she's true power.

Don't get me wrong, even weakened the Prisoner is stronger than all original elements together, but .

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