Native american hardships essay

More Essay Examples on American Rubric The article stated that there had been two million square miles of land transferred from the sovereignty of Native Americans to the United States of America. The president use to deal with the Native people directly but in the congress stripped that right. They are concentrated in California, Oklahoma, and the Southwest.

Native american hardships essay

Share Shares Native Americans are no strangers to misery, whether from the atrocities of colonialism and the genocide of their people Native american hardships essay the numerous tragedies still facing them today.

The disadvantages handed down to them throughout history have left many Natives with feelings of isolation, identity crisis, and cultural shame. The consequences of these modern-day hardships act as a major obstacle toward future change and betterment for tribes. Even more alarming is that the suicide rate in Native American communities is over three times the national average.

Young Native people are among the most at risk for suicidewith 40 percent of all Native American suicides occurring among individuals between the ages of 15 and These lives are cut short for a myriad of reasons, including violence at home, high unemployment rates, addictions to narcotics, and sexual abuse.

Within five months on the impoverished Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, nine individuals under the age of 25—with one as young as 12— killed themselves. Indian Health Services has partnered with members of the community at both the local and federal level in an attempt to reverse the high suicide rate.

They have created media campaigns and prevention videos where Native youths speak openly about the dangers associated with contemplating suicide. Sadly, the Native american hardships essay remain tragically high.

Although the economic tide seems to be turning for many others, Native Americans continue to be crushed by the dismally high unemployment rates on reservations.

Native American Essay Examples

In addition, many Natives are unable to get full-time work due to lack of opportunities. Only about 36 percent of Native males are employed full-time throughout the year. Even during the Great Depression when Dorothea Lange was taking her infamous photographs of homeless men and women in line at soup kitchens, the rate of unemployment never reached the staggering level at which it stands today on reservations.

For example, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota has an 83 percent unemployment ratewith 76 percent of those who are employed still mired in poverty. Lack of access to good public education is another reason that reservations continue to be racked by poverty.

Native american hardships essay

Of those who do pursue a higher education, only 39 percent will complete a college degree within six years. For example, police officers shoot Native Americans more than any other ethnic group. Though many would agree that the blatant imbalance in police shootings among certain ethnic groups is wrong, they fail to recognize the apparent bigotry that appears right in front of them while watching television.

However, children often suffer the most from racism against Native Americans. Students attending the Little Singer Community School located in the Navajo Nation in Arizona are forced to deal with mouse infestationsasbestos, and mold. The federal government is responsible for the lack of funds and budget cuts in Native American schools, causing students to perform far below the level of their white peers.

With such low academic performance, schools in Native American communities continue to receive very little aidfurther widening the gap between them and non-Native schools. Diseases linked to alcoholismsuch as liver failure, are the sixth leading cause of death among Native populations.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is also common. The suit also names as defendants four liquor stores from the tiny, nearby town of Whiteclay, Nebraska.

Despite a ban on alcohol on the reservation, the suit alleges that Whiteclay, with its population of only 14 people, is smuggling alcohol onto the reservation. Inthe four liquor stores in that town sold almost five million cans of beer despite having no public places in which to legally consume alcoholic beverages.

Drug use among Natives is common. Heroin is also greatly abused. A recent FBI report showed that drug cartels from Mexico are focusing specifically on Native American reservations, knowing that these areas lack enough law enforcement to combat the problem.

In addition, high unemployment rates leave many Natives desperate to earn money through drug smuggling. In order to prevent starvation, the government issued them sugar, flour, and lard, which culminated in the birth of fry bread—a food that is essentially fried dough.

This fattening beginning has influenced the modern-day diet of many Natives and contributes to the already troubling state of unhealthy behaviors. Nearly 33 percent of Natives are obesecontributing to the diabetes and heart disease that some of these individuals will suffer during their lifetimes.

Many factors contribute to the high rates of obesity, including the low cost of high-calorie snacks when compared to the high cost of produce. In addition, the high rate of unemployment and lack of physical activity contributes to an overall increase in the intake of food.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Hardships American Immigrants Faced.

StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes Native American Hardships. Native Americans have been struggling in society since the Europeans had migrated to the United States of America. Native American Hardships Essay. Native Americans have been struggling in society since the Europeans had migrated to the United States of America - Native American Hardships Essay introduction.

Native Americans have always tried to get along with the Europeans yet the Europeans wanted dominance over the Native American population. Native American Poverty Essay example; Native American Poverty Essay example.

Words Apr 14th, W.E.B Du Bois once stated “to be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hardships” (qtd.

in Rodgers 1). The Native American culture is often overlooked by many people in the United States today. Native Americans have been struggling in society since the Europeans had migrated to the United States of America. Native Americans have always tried to get along with the Europeans yet the Europeans wanted dominance over the Native American population.

Native Americans and Alcohol Essay. Words 11 Pages. Show More. Northern Native Americans were faced with many great hardships with the arrival of the Europeans, Spanish and the French. American Indians had thrived on American soil for thousands of .

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