Islamic stud

These are designed to give your vehicle a wider, more stable stance, quickly and easily. With the right Eibach Wheel Spacers installed, your car takes on a more aggressive look, with the wheels and tires—filling the wheel arches exactly the way they should.

Islamic stud

LED lights are found throughout the interior and exterior of the EXP-6 including low courtesy lights at the entryway. Enjoy optimum comfort and protection whilst embracing the outdoors. No other off-road camper trailer or caravan manufacturer can boast the engineered strength and capability of the EXP-6 chassis or suspension design.

At Bruder we take pride in following fundamental design principles often overlooked in trailer manufacturing.


Our certified engineered designs allow us to provide meaningful data on each part of the EXP Take two innovative design principles behind our suspension: These two design principles make a real difference to towing performance, and are just two examples of the many innovations that are unique to Bruder.

Every aspect of our build is fully engineered and built to be easier to use, safer, more reliable and more capable than any other off-road expedition trailer.

With nearly three times more useable wheel travel than other dual axle off-road tailers, the EXP-6 traverses undulating and uneven terrain effortlessly. By keeping wheels on the ground — not in the air — the EXP-6 has less weight fluctuations placed on the tow vehicle, significantly improving your towing performance.

Islamic stud

This significantly reduces the transfer of off-road vibrations and is unique to the Bruder EXPFind an Examination. Find an Examination allows you to search for available examinations at venues for a given qualification.

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