Eprovenance the wine market

Wine in Transit Being here in Asia, I have started thinking again about how wine is stored. Or better said stored while in transit We have many times shaken our heads when seeing wine and beer being mishandled by letting it stand outside of bars and restaurants. The temperature here is almost always above 25C degrees. Most Asian countries are not traditionally wine cultures, so I get it that many do not know how to handle wine.

Eprovenance the wine market

InTact is a tamper-proof chip inserted into the capsule that can be scanned and read with a Near Field Communication NFC smartphone or device that verifies the authenticity of a bottle of wine or spirit.

The chip is of the same design as those used in the banking industry and in e-passports. As well as verifying a bottle and gathering additional information on the producer and vintage, etc. InTact also reads whether a bottle has been opened before or not, and is therefore specifically designed to counter the problem of refilled bottles.

Laurent Ponsot estate produces a wine which expresses continuity of excellence, and which we must protect at all costs. Despite subsequently introducing a number of measures of which InTact is the latest, he told the drinks business Hong Kong last year how unprepared most producers in Burgundy had been in the face of mounting counterfeiting.

However, Selinko confirmed to db that it is currently working with Ponsot to provide a similar system at his new project. For more information on InTact click here.About us.

The Value of Storage Provenance in Fine Wine Investment

A Franco-American company, eProvenance offers advanced, patented technology to monitor and analyze the temperature, humidity and geolocation of wine, art and other fine and perishable.

Working with eProvenance since to monitor temperature and storage conditions of their cases, Ponsot began shipping the world’s first eProvenance Intelligent Cases in , and is now giving their bottles a digital identity via the Selinko platform to facilitate control of their authenticity by everyone around the world.

Fine Wine Market Performance. Fine Wine has outperformed almost every other major financial index over the past two decades; below we have provided some market analysis of the long-term performance of fine wine.

Turrentine Wine Brokerage is a wholesale source for grapes, bulk wine and bottled wine Inventory / Logistics / Tasting Room eProvenance provides monitoring of wine . The wine and spirits industry did not wait for globalization and the growing power of China to discover the charms of fake and illicit bottles.

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Eprovenance the wine market
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