Donatos finding the new pizza discussion

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Donatos finding the new pizza discussion

Whitehead Invisible micro-organisms on a produce shipment. An allegedly mistaken peanut butter sandwich order. A faulty electronic mechanism in a free kids toy.

It's the stuff that not only keeps restaurateurs up at night, but also managed to hold the rapt attention of several hundred restaurant leaders at last month's Fast Casual Executive Summit in Southern California. In the highly interactive hour-long session, three executives from a trio of chains outlined how their companies are giving new priority to this element of their operations, which all said serves as a lynchpin to ensuring food safety, product quality, brand image, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

What can be learned from the collective toil and experience of these astute entrepreneurs? Give supply chain the operational respect its due and plan ahead: You never know when the market or other circumstances will demand quick response, according to Damico. He recalled a situation where his company recently learned of a prime opportunity for development in one Southern market.

It was, he said, ideal for one of their brands.

Unfortunately, the area was one where they simply couldn't figure out how to get product to the location as needed. Make operational safety Supply Chain Priority No. At many brands, part of keeping the supply chain within the high standards demanded by food safety regulations and other market preferences means third-party auditing has become an absolute necessity.

For instance, Fazoli's found this integral to achieving the kind of overall food safety quality they are demanding in their operations.

Incorporate features that allow for supply chain scalability: He also was interested in finding out what brands are doing to meet the sometimes extremely challenging demands of international locations when it comes to supply chain.

Suggestions again reiterated the need for pre-planning and getting a good game plan going with operations inside the U.

As one of the panelists put it, "You just can't use Google for this. Begin supply chain revamping with your brand's core ingredients: That's why the group recommended the best place to start this process is with the core ingredients of your brand.

Not until every aspect of these central foods is secure and assured do they recommend their colleagues even begin to consider supply chain issues involving less central ingredients or even other facets of restaurant management, like image, design or marketing.

As Damico put it, "What are your core ingredients? What is core to your brand? Start with that and start with one store. Incorporate clean labeling essentials into the process: As Adams puts it, "Consumers today demand ingredients that are local, natural, GMO-free," and a long list of other specifications.

Part of that process he said is "gathering the troops and ensuring that everyone is aligned on maintaining the same quality of food across the system, so that when the food gets to the guest, it's as good as it can possibly be. Think outside of the standard storage box: Remember the problem Focus Brands had in the first item on this list in getting product to that one hot Southern market where they saw the opportunity for some great business?

Save. Hideaway Pizza is a restaurant originally opened in in Stillwater, Oklahoma. [1] Its original location is in Stillwater at the corner of 3rd St and Knoblock, which is close to the Oklahoma State University campus.. In the restaurant started opening locations outside of Stillwater. Next on the USDA's target list: à la carte items and so-called competitive foods — like the Mazzio's and Arby's available in the Jenks cafeteria and the Donatos pizza being served at . Jeff Baldwin is Vice President of Franchising and Development for Donatos Pizza, recently voted one of the 9 best franchises by QSR Magazine for its great products and strong metrics. He has leveraged his 23 years in real estate development and franchising to help redesign and transform a new Donatos image to enhance guest experience and begin.

In the group's discussion around possible solutions that could have been pre-planned for that type of supply chain gap, one of the well-supported ideas involved brainstorming good alternatives for product storage that might be options in the future.

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Donatos finding the new pizza discussion

Business Analysis of Donato’s Finding the New Pizza Read the Case Donato’s Finding the New Pizza Case(submitting the word document with this information) provide a case study analysis and include answering the discussion question: 1.

map the research design used by . Pizza Billboard -Clever billboard designed to promote Donatos pizza. The Ultimate Canvas for Creative Discussion: Gather, share and discuss ideas with your team. Finding My Way Out of Print: Inspiration for Out of Home Advertising to help us get out of all print ads.

Since , a string of restaurants have opened and closed at the site, including Donatos Pizza Restaurant, Guthries of Decatur, Roman Rooster, Charlie’s Wing Shack, Dirt Road BBQ & Grill, and. Jeff Baldwin is Vice President of Franchising and Development for Donatos Pizza, recently voted one of the 9 best franchises by QSR Magazine for its great products and strong metrics.

He has leveraged his 23 years in real estate development and franchising to help redesign and transform a new Donatos image to enhance guest experience and begin.

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