Document write appendchild

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Document write appendchild

Download source code - 5. At first read, this seems like a trivial task, but it's really not. But how much memory does it take to do this and how fast is it? This article explores the options available when appending to an XML file. I've recently updated this article to show what happens when using.

There really is a big difference in speed and memory usage between. Setup To test, we'll need a large XML file, some idea of how much memory we're using, and a timer.

document write appendchild

The timer is pretty simple since we don't really need a low-level performance timer if our XML file is big enough. Getting a big XML file is pretty easy: WriteStartDocument true ; xtw. Close ; Now we have a file called test.

The file will probably come out to 23 megs. The next thing we need is an idea of how much memory is being used.

We can use WMI to grab the amount of heap memory being used for our process. That is accomplished with this class: So all you pattern-nazis out there ready to write in about not using a static class can calm down.

Getting an idea of how much memory you're using in. NET is pretty difficult. The CLR has grabbed a big chunk of memory and manages internally how your program uses it.

Any readings from this performance counter have to be taken with a grain of salt because there is always that buffer zone and you never know when garbage collects are happening. This makes the testing environment a bit unstable, so we can't run one test right after another without closing the application.

XmlDocument The first approach we'll take is the simplest approach. We simply open the existing XML file in an XmlDocument object, append the row sand save it to the original will overwrite the entire document if called after a page has loaded.

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A better alternative would be timberdesignmag.comChild(), which allows you to create dom elements and append them to a parent element. * The XmlDeclaration node must be the first child of the Document node.

** Markup includes ProcessingInstruction and Comment nodes.

document write appendchild

*** Element and CDATA nodes are only allowed in EntityReference nodes when the EntityReference node is not a child of an Attribute node. Apr 21,  · I have a javascript file that uses to send output to the browser. This javascript file contains some html code and another script tag.

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OK, I Understand. I am creating a light box in pure JavaScript. For that I am making an overlay. I want to add this overlay to body but I also want to keep the content on the page. My current code adds the overlay d. Mar 06,  · First you don't have to process the file twice (write and then postprocess).

Second you are not blindly replacing '\n' - if you postprocess, without understanding the structure of the document you can convert too much.

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