2012 amazon annual report

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2012 amazon annual report

Warby Parker The diversity of the companies and organizations behind the reports is just as varied as the way in which each one presented their year-end summaries. For vacation rental startup Airbnb, for example, it was about visualizing growth while highlighting individual stories of travelers and hosts that are a part of that story.

For Sailthru, on the other hand, it took the report as an opportunity to not only share stats with visitors but pitch them on their product, as well. We had this idea that annual reports are really, really boring so how about we kind of flip it on its side and do something wildly different.

What we did is sort of create this visual annual report, that was very infographic-based and we just thought it would be really fun to dig into our data and compare things like what types of bagels we ate in the morning, how many monocles 2012 amazon annual report had sold and take these random stats and throw them together in a very cohesive manner.

The report's authenticity, Blumenthal later said at a business conferencequickly caught on to a wider audience than only the dedicated fans they expected to consume it. Soon after Warby Parker's release of its report, tweets citing it began flooding news feeds.

It may lack key components, but check out this creative take from WarbyParker," said another person. Shaped by trend leaders like Warby Parker, these new reports are taking notes from one another and patterns are emerging. Digging into the 10 reports fromthe following 11 content strategies were used most frequently ordered by volume of frequency: Showcase customer stats - MailChimp breaks down its users by industry—its largest is commercial services—and proudly shares it added 1, new users in Provide product highlights and updates - charity: Present mission or value - Sailthru makes its mission clear early on and does so in big, bold letters.

Boast employee stats - Like the others, charity: Have fun with employee stats - Sailthru gets very detailed with these stats, such as noting " glasses of water are consumed per week". Reveal support stats - MailChimp isn't ashamed to share that on average it receives 1, support tickets daily.

Customer support has never been more important so sharing this stat helps affirm it's a priority in the company. Especially ones with smiles.

2012 amazon annual report

How the Reports Performed Honing in on the six biggest brand names of the bunch, each has a strong base of social media followers to help share their content.

If all online annual reports had been created equally, charity: The company has a history of making viral content check out their amazing videos and their organization is extremely participatory—donors, fundraisers and champions of their cause are spread throughout the world.

Kickstarter also carries that strength of participation, and along with startups Airbnb and Warby Parker, is a media darling. Here are the social media sharing numbers, according to Moz Open Site Explorerroughly one-year after the reports went live: Of the four far out in front, Airbnb is the simplest of them all, only providing about a dozen pieces of content.

One thing the four have in common, important to note, is that a story is told through the report. The story of successful projects and where they go post-Kickstarter MailChimp: The story of the supporting a massive an email marketing software company Warby Parker: The story of a hot eyeglasses startup more than doubling its staff—from 62 to —in one year Airbnb: The story of rapid worldwide user growth over four years.Find the latest earnings report and earnings surprise history for timberdesignmag.com, Inc.

(AMZN) at timberdesignmag.com This annual report for the year will give you an idea of the work which has been done in the past year. It would be a Annual Report STAFF PARTICIPATION IN TRAINING PROGRAMMES Participation of staff members in training programs sponsored by Department of .

Annual Reports Files on this page are PDF. Download Acrobat Reader free of charge. Annual Reports. Annual Reports. View Annual Report PDF (PDF MB) View Proxy (PDF MB) Annual Reports. View Annual Report PDF (PDF MB) View Proxy (PDF KB) Poison Center Data Snapshot - Overview of the Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers' National Poison Data System1 In , poisoning became the leading cause of injury-related death in the U.S.2 In , there were .

Corporation Name: Amazon Payments, Inc. Entity Type: Corporation SCC ID: F Due Date the annual report must be submitted on a paper annual report form that has been furnished by the Commission.

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